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ValueCard Benefits



ValueCard Benefits
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Value Card Software Benefits

  •   Unlimited number of cards within the system

  •   Easy to use interface for inputting customer information

  •   Saves information quickly to a ValueCard

  •   Saves information quickly to a Microsoft Access database file

  •   Easily add any value to the ValueCard that your customer desires

  •   Easily subtract value from the ValueCard when your customer purchases any of your goods and/or services

Significant Features:

       Prevents fraud:   The ValueCard PC Software prevents fraud by using secure smart card technology.

       Reusable cards:    ValueCards can be loaded and reloaded with money over and over again.  Cards

                                           can also easily be reprogrammed and reloaded for NEW customers.

Marketing Opportunities:

   Gain new customers:
   Since the cardholder is often different from the card buyer, you have the            

   opportunity to build relationships with new customers.

   Helps strengthen relationships with customers:
   The ValueCard provides your customers an alternative way (beside cash or  

   credit card) to shop/buy merchandise in your store.

   Improve customer satisfaction:
   You can award loyalty points to your customers every time they make a

   purchase in your store, which encourages them to come back and spend more.

   No lost cash:
   Unlike paper certificates that generally lets the customer take the unused portion in

   cash, the unused value stays on the ValueCard and must be spent at your business.

   That gives your customers additional spending incentives and your business

   more potential revenue.

   Creates Customer Database:
   When you issue ValueCards to your customers, you are prompted to enter in   

   their personal information (i.e. name, address, phone number, etc). The

   information is then stored on the card and into a customer database, where it can

   be used in the future to contact your customers about specials or new items.

   Marketing/Advertising opportunities:
   The information gained from ValueCard (i.e. name, address, purchase activity),  

   gives you the opportunity to tailor your Marketing and Advertising efforts to

   reach your customers’ needs more effectively.

   Increase brand awareness:
   Printed ValueCards work as a small advertisement in your customer's wallet or

   purse. They remind your customers to come visit/shop at your store.

   Convenience for the Merchant:
   ValueCard transactions process in seconds, like regular credit cards, allowing for

   speedy checkout.

   Convenience for the Customer:
   In addition to speedy checkout, customers can purchase ValueCards for their

   friends and family, quick and easily.

   Tracks customer purchases:
   A Microsoft Access database file holds all of your ValueCard accounts and

   transaction records, making it easy to track card activity.

   Cost savings while reducing paperwork:
   Electronic value cards offer significant cost savings compared to labor-intensive

   methods used in administrating paper gift certificates and refund programs.

To view how ValueCard compares to other card systems, see Compare ValueCard.

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