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Video Business Card Testimonials

When we exchange business cards at the close of these various meetings, my Video Business Card becomes the center of attention. People say the combination of the video message, the direct link to our web site and my email, and the printable brochure, all on a business-card-size disk make the Video Business Card a unique innovation.


I consider the Video Business Card to be the forefront of a significant trend. Someday, it may be an oddity to see a paper business card.

Wm Scott Schulten   

Managing Partner   

Schulten Ward & Turner, LLP  


We mailed our Video Business Cards to about 30 people we have been targeting for investment property. Within days, one person we have been trying to get an appointment with for over two years called to schedule a meeting. He said he was impressed with what we had to say on our Video Business Card. We also had a corporate trainer from Re/Max say she thought our Video Business Card was an outstanding marketing tool.


Thanks again for your attention to detail during the video shoot. We're always hearing compliments about the fountain setting in our backyard.

   John Spickerman   

Lance Aldridge   

Re/Max Greater Atlanta   


We send a Video Business Card to people who have expressed an interest in visiting us for a free consultation. We feel that the VBC provides a way for people to virtually meet the doctor who will be working on their smile for the next few years.


To track results of the VBC, we offer an incentive. We tell people to return the Video Business Card and we will give them $25. They are telling us they watched the card and they understand the $25 incentive. But, they like the card so much and think it is so unusual, they want to keep it! That's a pretty effective marketing tool.

Paul Yurfest, D.D.S.   



The Video Cards are great. They are so unique and serve as a tool to demonstrate our technological edge. I really like the way they link to our customers to our web site. Thanks for making it so comfortable in the filming sessions. All three of us were nervous about the part of the process but y'all made it so so easy.

Cindy Lyle   


Springfield Mortgage Lending  


I was taking a picture of a customer's home for insurance reasons and a neighbor asked

me what I was doing. I told him, then I asked who handles his insurance and gave him

one of my video business cards. Two weeks after giving him my video card he called and

said he really liked my video business card and has since become a customer. There is

no way that my paper business card or a brochure would have accomplished as much.
                                                                                                            Sean Perren
                                                                                               State Farm Insurance


To display what the VBC looks like when viewed on a PC, see Example.

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