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In today's' marketplace, people want only the information that is important to them without having to siphon through mounds of written material.  Plus, they want it in a convenient and entertaining way.  Large corporations have been utilizing CD's for several years to spread their messages to target markets, be it new product releases, sales and marketing purposes, and for PR.  A CD is a more interesting and practical delivery system, because huge amounts of information can be delivered through video, audio, print and photographs.

Marketing research indicates that people attending trade show and business meetings receive 25 brochures for every CD they collect.  And, people are 8 times more likely to watch a CD than read a brochure.  Most people have a computer on their desk and virtually everybody uses one on a daily basis, making a CD convenient to play.

The only disadvantages of a standard CD are the size, because it isn't convenient to carry in your pocket to pass out at business meetings and the price of $10,000 to well over $30,000 is cost prohibitive for small to medium-sized businesses.

However, through much research and development, our marketing CD is affordable to any small business for about the price of a modest brochure.  The Video Business Card, or VBC, has all the benefits of the full size CD, but it's produced on the attention-getting and convenient, business card sized disk.  The VBC has all of your standard business card information right on the front, but it also delivers much more to your prospects and customers.

The VBC lists the features and benefits of all you products or services.  Your contact information can be transferred directly into your prospect's contact management program (i.e., Outlook, ACT) with one simple click.  Most small businesses have a web site, but few have ways of driving prospective customers to it.  The VBC has a direct link, which provides a seamless connection.  And perhaps most importantly, the VBC includes a brief, interview-type, video message from you explaining the advantages of doing business with you.  After all, no one can explain your product or service better than you can.

Most of our clients already have a brief benefit statement, because they have used it a thousand times at business meetings, cocktail parties and other functions.  That's why it is so easy for our clients to be at ease while videotaping their sound bite.  And for those clients who do not have a brief statement already formulated, our trained professionals will help create one.

The VBC actually can provide multiple video segments that can include an interview with multiple individuals.  It is programmed to automatically start playing in over 95% of the computers in use today running Windows 95 or later.  There's nothing to download and noting to install, so their are no worries about software conflicts or virus issues.  That makes it easy for anyone to view it.  Its unique and convenient size creates curiosity, compelling your customers to put it in their computers and play it.

Once they open it, they receive a brief, but personal, message from you.  As an independent businessperson, no one has more passion or believe in your product or service than you do.  Virtually all business owners and independents would like to have the opportunity to directly convey the advantages of doing business with them.  The VBC allows you to achieve that.

The Video Business Card has brought the business card into the 21st century.  It's a highly effective, yet affordable, tool that will enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

We offer a free consultation, so contact us. We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you to see how the Video Business Card can benefit you and your business.  We will come to your location to learn about you business, shoot your video, edit, program all the information and duplicate the disks.

Jones Consulting is an authorize distributor of Infinite Marketing, a partner in business if you will, that has been positively effecting the bottom line for small to mid-size business for over 20 years.  You have the strength of two companies in one, both with a desire to insure your success.

To see the advantages of the VBC, see VBC Benefits.

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