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Benefits of the Video Business Card

  •   A 30-90 second video allows you to explain the benefits of doing business with you and your company.
  •   Direct link to your web site drives people to your site with one click from the Video Business Card disk.
  •   Direct link to your email so potential customers can easily request more information or correspond.
  •   Allows you to list the features and benefits of your products in a scrollable box.
  •   The unique size creates curiosity, easy to carry and is easy to pass out at business meetings.
  •   New, unusual and interesting marketing tool helps your business stand out from the others.
  •   Affordable, cost effective marketing solution.
  •   Proven tool that provides a return on your investment.
  •   The Printable Document button allows you to include a company brochure, coupon or ad....virtually anything.
  •   Vcard technology enables your prospects and clients to transfer all your contact info directly into their PC.

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