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We will come to your location to learn about your business, shoot your video, edit, program all the information and duplicate the disks.  All for about the price of a modest brochure.

The standard packaging for the VBC is a clear plastic sleeve.  To view an optional full color CD wallet package, which provides space for a sales message and serves as a convenient self mailer, see Figure 1 in Product Pictures page.  It is a great choice for the client who wants to use the VBC as a complete direct marketing campaign.

To see what the VBC looks like when it is viewed in your PC, go to VBC Example.

Pricing:  Contact us for pricing information.  Pricing is based on two categories:  One-Time charge for the video shoot/production and the charge for the VBC's.  Due to features and volume selection, a specific price cannot be quoted, but typically the VBC package, including an initial supply of VBC's, may be purchased for about the cost of a professionally produced, modest brochure ......an affordable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.



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