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Jones Consulting, located in the Houston, Texas area, specializes in products that provide THE marketing advantage to your business.


Our mission is to provide cost effective marketing solutions that give your company an "edge" in the marketplace.


We supply two major products that target the marketing needs of the small to mid-size business.   These products allow your business to:


   1. Effectively compete with the big companies and

   2. Promote your products and services,

       without the associated big marketing and advertising budgets.


Increased sales, brand recognition and getting your personal message to your customers is our goal; and we help you accomplish just that by offering:


Video Business Cards (VBC) - THE 21st Century marketing tool that delivers your personal message to customers, provides access to your website, allows them to easily send you an email, print your brochure, list your capabilities.....and more.....


Gift and Loyalty Card Systems (ValueCard) - Using the latest "smartcard" technology that requires no Point-of-Sale system and the associated ongoing transaction fees.


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